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I’ve been exactly where you find you.

At the age of 23 I felt like I didn’t understand me. My dreams, the life I set for myself and understanding why my body wasn’t functioning correctly; and damn was I angry with everyone.

I’ve spent the last 4 years dedicated to understanding my crippling social anxiety and depression that unfortunately resulted in myself in the ICU & hospitals during high school and college. I tried medications prescribed to me, therapy, psychiatrists, yoga, lifting weights, new routines, new diets, and I saw one GI specialists after another.

Eventually leading to surgery on my colon and why my body functions the way it does.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding why women like me, feel so completely pressured to the point they have lost who they want to be and who their identity. Because life & shit happens.

I help Women understand their stress, anxiety & depression and use deep subconscious mindset techniques together to discover the root experiences & beliefs that are keeping them in “their loop or box” as my clients tell me. Into a healthy lifestyle catered to their specific daily needs, holding healthy relationships with people & friends. Creating the daily life of your dreams, and creating & keeping emotional intelligence and self-awareness with you for life.